TDS FuelTAX Pro Software

TDS Trucking Software

TDS FuelTAX XP PRO has the same features as TDS FuelTAX but includes a Multiple Company Module. If you provide a fuel tax service to trucking companies and want an affordable solution, try TDS FuelTAX PRO. Contact TDS about a special Pro Version Trial.

TDS FuelTAX Pro Features include:

Multiple Company Option. Starts at 5 companies to unlimited companies. Includes more than 20 Fuel Reports.
Weight Distance Tax Report: Report for weight distance taxes filings. Vendor-Tax Paid Fuel Purchases: List of vendors where fuel was purchased and tax paid.

Vendor File Listing: List of all Vendors in the fuel tax software. Reefer Fuel Posted: List of all reefer fuel posted in fuel tax by the reefer code 09.
Trip Number Report: If you track your fuel tickets and miles by trip number, you can print a report just by trip number. History File Listings: Obtain a complete list of all fuel tickets and mileages by data range. Sort by any date, year or by quarter.
Vehicle Unit Cost Summary: Detailed costing report by Vehicle/Truck. State Quarterly Tax Rates Entered: List of all tax rates by quarter.
State Credits/Refund Report: List of all credits/refunds by state.
State Distances Pro-Rate (IRP): Summary report of mileages by date by state.
State Over/Under Fuel Report: Detailed Over/Under report that includes total miles, gallons purchased, over/under gallons purchased. tax paid miles, taxable miles, taxable gallons and over/under taxable gallons. State Summary Report: Print a report by state and by date range that includes fuel purchases, mileages and by fuel type and vehicle code.


TDS Software works on all Windows versions. All Windows Versions!