TDS Learning Center


TDS FuelTAX: Click for Learning Center.

TDS Maintenance: Click for Learning Center.

TDS Loads Xpress: Basic Version

  1. View- Quick View of Loads Xpress menu options.
  2. Lesson 1 - Entering Drivers, Customers and Vehicles.
  3. Lesson 2 - Dispatching and Entering Loads.
  4. Lesson 3 - Generating Freight Bills.
  5. View - View a Load Sheet.
  6. View - How to post mileage to TDS FuelTAX.

TDS Loads Xpress: Advanced Version

  1. Coming soon.

TDS Log Evaluation

  1. View - Quick Overview of TDS Log Evaluation
  2. View- Step 1 Adding Drivers
  3. View- How to Purge/Delete Log Data.

TDS Trucker Suite

  1. View- Truckers Suite Overview.

TDS Human Resource

  1. View - Getting Started with Human Resource